Loxone IR Air Control

Hard to believe that this module is now 4 years old, i was one of the fools who invested in the originaly IR Module, which I have to admit caused us no end of problems Back in 2014 when we first installed my system, we managed to blow up 2 mini-servers in day by wiring the IR Module incorrectly. 24volt accross the inputs on the mini-server really didnt go down to well, and produced a not inconsiderable amount of smoke […]

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Home Automation

Upgrade Time!

With last weeks installation of Sky Q, I finally decided to take advantage of the HD Anywhere Black Friday pricing, and ordered an MHub 4k Pro 4×4. The price was incredibly reasonable, and it looks to be a very good upgrade from my old MHub 4k 4×3+1, I especially love the LCD screen on the front, which makes it look far more up-market. I went for a Saturday morning delivery, giving me plenty of time to install without being interrupted […]

Home Automation

6 months since I last blogged.

Its been a while since my last post. I’ve not become any less enamoured with smart homes, but its finally dawned on me that there isn’t that much more than I can do with my house, I think I’ve automated just about everything I can for the time being. My old complaint about voice control not supported by Loxone is long gone, as is my enthusiasm for voice assistants generally. We had a selection of devices including several Echo Dot’s […]



I’ve never thought the Loxone Air Socket was one of the most attractive pieces of kit that Loxone sell, so the suggestions made a few years back when I was talking with Omid at Loxone was to mount the innards in a back box to control a pair of normal power sockets. Obviously stripping the kit down means the warranty goes down the drain, I wasn’t too worried about that just how safe it would be, my sparky wired it […]

Home Automation

Loxone Config 8.3!!!

Another new update to the Loxone Config software today, all of my devices popped up notifications that there was an updated firmware this morning, so what did we get? Well no more adding battery capacity information to the front-end, theres now a dedicated menu option to check the battery status, which can be sorted according to  status. Theres a ton of new features in Loxone Config itself, the best i’ve found so far is when you press F5 to add […]

Home Automation

Smart Home disabled by a £10 SD Card!

A new version of the Mini-server firmware was released a week or so ago, in 2 and a half years i’ve installed the new firmware without issue. This latest one has been a nightmare, and I would love to say it was Loxone’s fault, I’m glad its not really as it wouldnt inspire confidence in the product, no the blame lies firmly with a micro-SD card. Several months ago we had a small power blip that managed to corrupt the […]


Spring Cleaning

Its officially spring time, and as per tradition, time to clean the house, only this time, I’ve been cleaning up digitally, we had a ton of media on our NAS drive that we were never ever going to watch, I say had, as its now gone, freeing up approcimately 250Gb of space, the good news? I now don’t need to buy any more disks to expand our storage. I’ve also been getting frustrated with the number of options displayed on […]


Loxone Air Valve – A Few Weeks On…

They were the product i’d been waiting on for months to finish up setup (as far as the word finish can be used in any home automation project) and to be honest its been a complete anti-climax. As poor Omid will tell anyone, this was the product I couldn’t live my life without, I know I could have channelled out the walls and installed mains or 24v powered units, but for some reason i’ve lost interested in making more holes […]


Out With The Old… In With The New.

The time has finally come, its here, the new Loxone Valve Actuator Air, nifty name, just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? I shall just refer to them as the Air TRV’s for this post. I pity the poor support folks at Loxone for having to put up with me whining that this product wasn’t available, its been months, and after being teased with a preview of a pre-beta product back in January or February, its always been a question […]