Alternatives to Sonos : Multi Room Audio

With the recent price rises for Sonos kit, I thought i’d take a quick look at the alternatives out there, I’ve always thought of the Loxone music server as expensive, but with hindsight if I was starting from scratch I have to admit its quite cost effective.  Over the years I’ve spent more than a couple of grand on Sonos devices, and countless money on other solutions which didnt live up to the manufacturers promises, my worst purchase was multiple Apple […]


Sonos Issues

We’ve used Sonos around the house for 6 or 7 years now, and until this week had no issues to speak of. All that changed this week when one of my direct neighbours moved ISP and received a new router. Unfortunately it also co-incided with me getting some new demo network kit. The problem began with small breaks in audio playback, then longer breaks, then playing 30 seconds and stopping. To me it seemed like there was a looped network […]

Home Automation

2017 Whats Coming?

After the hustle and bustle of CES I’ve come back and decided to start thinking about what next. I’ve demo’ed the house to several customers and generally got positive feedback. Looking back at some of my Loxone projects I am starting to realise that there is no wow factor involved, yes the old clich├ęd lights controlled from the phone is interesting, but its old hat now, and to be honest isn’t what a smart home is about. What does 2017 […]