Out With The Old… In With The New.

The time has finally come, its here, the new Loxone Valve Actuator Air, nifty name, just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? I shall just refer to them as the Air TRV’s for this post. I pity the poor support folks at Loxone for having to put up with me whining that this product wasn’t available, its been months, and after being teased with a preview of a pre-beta product back in January or February, its always been a question […]


The Loxone 0-6 Bar Pressure Sensor.

So we’ve been having some pressure lossĀ on our heating system resulting in no hot water first thing in the morning, me I can live with it, but its a deal breaker for the wife! Obviously the best solution now is to get the system fixed, but how do we keep an eye on the pressure in the future? First stop was the loxone site to see what they had tested, then looked elsewhere for a cheaper version, not much luck […]

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Its that time of year…

Finally i’ve given in and decided the time has some to turn on the heating, the last few days have been lovely during daylight hours, but theres been a real chill in the air come night time. This will be our first winter with the Loxone controlling the heating, I’d almost forgotten that with the intelligent heating controller the heating doesn’t just come on at the times you set it to, it attempts to get the room heated to your […]

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Surface Pro 4 Release

Its here, the new Surface Pro 4, well actually you can pre-order it tomorrow, with every iteration on this device I feel like its worth buying one, and never quite make it as far as the store, well this time I am very tempted, only reservation is Microsoft have also released the Surface Book at the same time, Bah! Well the new Surface Pro only looks good not awesome. Whats looking better than the version 3 of this product? New […]

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Review : Silverhill Tools Magnetic Work Surface

This is going to be a difficult review, how can a magnetic work surface be interesting? I seem to upgrade / repair a lot of laptops at the moment, the days of customers bringing me a desktop machine to do anything to seem to have disappeared, I also own a 5 year old ginger cat or rather I think he owns me. My problem with working on laptops is the age old, put it back together and find theres a […]

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Excited About The Microsoft Event

Microsoft have an event this afternoon at 3pm UK time and I have to admit I am quite looking forward to this one. Microsofts events don’t have the pizazz of Apple events, thankfully! I’ve got tired of the whole Apple event format of an hour and a half of whooping and cheering for incremental updates of devices we already own. In my eyes Microsoft are doing everything right these days, giving away a free upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 […]