The Currency Symbol

July 31, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

As per my previous post, I needed to change the default currency for € to £, and i’d forgotten how to change it, I guess when you don’t use something for so long it gets […]

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Power Meters

July 30, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

I’ve been having real difficulties getting the Elstar power meter to work with the Loxone, not normally one to give up on these things, but life is too short, so I think i’ll be ordering […]

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Solar PV : Day 3

July 30, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

The weather has been pretty good today, and the sky relatively clear, so our PV production is up a little on yesterdays figures. I have to admit to being a little surprised at how the […]

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Scaffolding MKII

July 25, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

Well we’re currently sat in the house, with 2 more scaffolding chaps making safe the work done last week. The noise they are making is like thunder, and you can feel the vibration as they […]

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I was hoping…..

July 24, 2015 Living With Loxone 0

That as I typed this article i’d be generating my own power (well not me the house), sadly after a truly horrid day, we gave up on that idea, as the fitters for our solar […]

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