Our First Commercial Project

Back in December 2013 when we were first approached by a customer to look into Home Automation systems for a new build, it was all very new to me and I didn’t really know where to start, I’d been tinkering with various ‘internet of things’ devices, considering (on the quiet of course) myself quite knowledgeable about the whole home automation subject. How little did I know? I went out to Las Vegas for CES January 2014, expecting to find a […]


I think I may have got my panels at the right time.

For the past few years I’ve seen the adverts like the one above, and lusted to have panels installed on our roof, over the same period i’ve also watched the FIT Payments more than halve in value, wondering at what point it would be not worth installing. If the projections we were given are anything to go by, our system should have paid for itself in about 10-11 years. Well over the last few weeks its been revealed in a […]


IR Extenders!

On a recent project we’ve installed a 4 way HDMI matrix for a customer, one thing that was omitted from the original spec was a way to control the Sky box from another location. Aside from replacing the matrix with a model twice the price, there didn’t seem to be much in the way of an alternative. I’d have loved to get some Loxone kit into the customer, but the budget just wouldn’t stretch to it, and it might possibly […]

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CES 2015

CES 2015 – The Most Unlikely Things Make It To Market!

Whilst wandering what I like to call the “Crap Tech” halls which is generally made up of the real rubbish no-one is ever going to buy, we came across this little gem: Clearly cashing in on the new Star Wars film due at the end of the year, my friend had a go on it with very little success, and a lot of joshing from me, but came to the conclusion that yes it was crap! Anyway, 9 months on […]


CES 2016 – Here I Come…..

For the last 5 or so years, i’ve “done” CES, and for the last 5 years i’ve come home and said “that was crazy! I’m never doing that again!!!” and thats how I’ve felt until that email inviting me to “register for free” pops into my inbox. Well 2016 was going to be the year I didn’t bother, but once again I changed my mind, and have booked my flights and accommodation and I can’t wait. This years theme is […]

Home Automation

Smart Home : A Step Too Far For Me

For the last few weeks i’ve been trying to get some ideas for where to go next with the home automation, the only thing I can really think of is to install one of the new smart locks that are on the market. We allow the house to pretty much decide when the heating and lighting come on, but for some reason neither my wife or I feel comfortable with a smart lock. There is something reassuring about having a […]


Bye bye Loxone forums…..

As of today the official Loxone community forums have closed to new posts, a visit to the forums, now results in the following page. The forums are available in read only format, according to the last post from Loxone there are no plans to remove them just yet. A number of community members have created new forums, but i do wonder how successful they will be with the branching off. Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/loxone-english Loxusers : http://www.loxusers.com/forum/index.php Loxforum : https://www.loxforum.com (Currently only in German)  

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Cool Product Of The Week : XBox One Media Hub

Being a gamer, i’ve chosen the Microsoft route once again for this generation of console, the one thing that always annoys me is that Sony lets their customers upgrade their internal drives, whereas Microsoft insist you tether an external hard drive to the console, I don’t really mind, but it does tend to look a little untidy. After browsing a few game sites, I found the Collective Minds Xbox One Media Hub, which is basically a USB 3 to SATA […]

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I think we may have cracked the export meter!

I’ve been trying to work out how much energy I export back to the grid from the Solar PV, without much success, as you know i’ve been working on the Production counter setup within the mini server, with a few issues such as the counters not moving up as they should do over the month. After a visit to the shiny new Loxone offices we may have sussed the production counter, and managed to get the right figures into and […]