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HDMI Extenders. Grrrrr….

One of my pet hates in life is seeing boxes under TV’s, they always look so untidy. Unfortunately my efforts to use the Xbox One have been pretty poor of late. My Xbox is in the spare room, and the xbox inhabits the wardrobe, i’ve tried a number of devices from cheap to expensive, and its defintely yet again a case of spending the right money to get the right kit. I started out using an HD Anywhere Extend 2k […]

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New Tool

Part of the tidying up of the house has been about moving the loxone kit to more useful positions, today was the turn of the NFC touchpad, previously i’ve had it mounted on a surface mount box which still involved the unit wobbling as you pressed buttons on it, it didn’t look particularly nice either. Finally decided to use one of the loxone Euro style back boxes. I don’t do a lot of the physical installs, that’s what I have […]