CAT 7… Is it worth it?

I’ve taken to running a few more cables myself these days, Loxone were really pushing their CAT 7 at the last course I went on, so I thought i’d pick up a reel and see what all the fuss was about.

Why would you want to CAT 7? well according to Loxone the following reasons:

  • It Works! well Loxone test everything with CAT7 cable, so if you want it guaranteed to work with all their shiny new devices, thats the choice to make.
  • One Step Ahead! Well its the best thats out there at the moment, so its as future proofed as it can be.
  • Greater Copper Cross Section, you can run longer lengths of cable with less voltage drop-offs, I won’t try and explain the science in as there are far better sites you can find the information on!
  • Double Shielding, with the additional shielding its far more resilient to interference.

Well those were Loxone’s recommendations for using it, mine are far simpler! Its a lot easier to handle for a sausage fingered individual such as myself. The number of times i’ve broken the cores in a CAT5 or 6 cable when trying to connect up is embarassing, when i’ve used the CAT 7 cable i’ve not broken a single core yet. This means i dont get grumpy and throw my toys out of the pram which is also a big plus point for the wife.

As for cost, well its a little more expensive than CAT5 or 6 but you can feel the difference, 250 metres of that stuff weighs a ton, and when you see a CAT6 cable side by side with the CAT7 stuff you can understand why.

So there you have it, my review of CAT7.


  1. there is only one advantage of cat7 cable – wire thickness
    i have cat5 cable and Loxone works without problem – there is no data transfer, only on/off 24V

    alternatively you can use KNX cable

    • I agree complettely but Loxone on the other hand recommend CAT7 as thats all they test with these days, and they dont support tree running over anything less than CAT7.

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