Consumer Electronics Show

CES : 2017???

For the last 5 or 6 years, I’ve come back from CES saying “never again….” which then morphs into “maybe every 2 years” but as the ticket release date nears, I always succumb to the temptation, for “just another quick trip to Vegas”. This year however I’m pretty sure i’ll be missing the next CES, whilst there were new products to see, there was nothing special, this year we saw the same products, but they were thinner, smaller, lighter and […]

CES 2016

CES : Fridges With Screens!

The best new thing Samsung could bring to CES? well it has to be the Family Hub Fridge! a huge american style fridge with a 21″ tablet installed on one side. About the only reason to buy one seems to be watch football, when you can’t see the main screen, and your picking your beer.

CES 2016

CES : TP-Link Talon

2016 is going to be the year of the BIG router! seriously, it felt like the manufacturers were trying to beat each other on size alone! My personal favourite was the Talon, it must be almost a foot square! Apparently its the world’s first 802.11AD access point, which is the most power innovation in wireless technology yet. quote: With the number of smart devices in the home steadily rising, consumers need more bandwidth to ensure seamless connectivity. Leveraging Qualcomm Atheros’ 802.11ad […]

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CES : Cerezo DFM1

DFM1 is a 3D printed professional road bike with a computer built into the frame. No need to sacrifice design by attaching ugly aftermarket computer and sensors to your bike. Constructed from 3D printed Lugs and CRFP tubes sized to fit your body. [Show thumbnails]

CES 2016

CES : Samsung Booth

Its safe to say that i’m not the biggest fan of Samsung kit, but I was pleasantly surprised by their efforts at CES this year. The booth opened with an amazing display of 4k TV’s on motorised mounts moving all over the place (mind you they did a similar thing last year), which looked and sounded amazing. As an incentive to browse the booth, there’s a Samsung CES 2016 app you can download, there are beacons in 6 areas, and […]

CES 2016

CES : Lego Education

My personal favourite booth today was Lego Education, with the relaunch of their base robotics kit which now ships with bluetooth connectivity, rather than USB. The 280 piece kit consists of motors, motion and tilt sensors, and of course the bricks. The app provided has a set of pre-defined lessons / projects for the students to work through, one demo we were given was to build a tadpole, then convert the tadpole to a baby frog, then a full frog. The kit is […]