Raspberry Pi & Smart Homes

For some time now I’ve been integrating Raspberry Pi’s with my Loxone system, for the price they are unbeatable, for less than £50 we have a full blown computer which uses minute amounts of power and can do so much.

Currently I have 2 Pi’s integrated into the system one of which enables the Loxone to play a track to the Sonos devices around the house mimicking the functionality of the Loxone music server, for doorbells and alarms.

The other Pi runs Airsonos which allows me to Airplay stream directly from iTunes or IOS devices to the Sonos players around the house, all from a free piece of software.

On my 3rd Pi, I’ve installed Openhabian, which I am looking forward to integrating some of the other tech in the house, the old Netatmo weather station, the Nest smoke alarms and the several other devices I’ve installed of late, but been unable to integrate with the Loxone. More info to follow.

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