Slow Air Performance

The last few weeks we’ve had a few issues with our Loxone system, with lights that had previously been turning on within a second taking anything from 20-30 seconds to come on after hitting a switch.

Over Christmas i’ve not been too worried, but this morning i looked in Loxone Config and saw that an old water sensor had triggered a few times.

I took a quick look at the air diagnostics, and having over 70 air devices wondered if that could be the problem, Loxone say it can handle up to 128 devices, but I wasn’t so sure, there seemed to be a few too many red lines between devices.

Next step was the air monitor, and this showed the true cause of the problems, a sensor connected to the multi air extension was turning itself on and off at a rate of about 10-12 times a second, clearly the air connection cant handle this.

In this case an old water sensor installed under the pipes for the hot water tank in the loft, whilst there was no visible water on the surface, the humidity in the loft was about 60% so i’m not sure whether it was just a knackered sensor or there had been a leak sometime.

Any how a replacement sensor isnt causing the same issue so all’s well that ends well.

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