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Internet Connection

EE 4G Service

I recently took a business trip to a client whose office is in Manchester airport, sadly for them their internet connection is probably the lowest speed I have seen recently, and its getting worse, last time I was there they had all of 1 megabit download speed, this time its closer to .75 Mbit, which we can only put down to the environment. Back to the point of the article though, with a Virgin Media connection in the house, going […]

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Apple Macbook : Finally Used In Anger

My main laptop for day to day usage is an 2012 Apple Macbook Pro which I love, its been a great machine whilst i’ve had it. The only real issue i’ve had was 6 months ago, when the screen developed half a dozen dead pixels, Apple were great, and immediately replaced the screen with a new unit. Sadly since the machine came back I’ve never managed to get a bluetooth mouse to connect to it, so its currently back with […]


Loxone Air Valve – A Few Weeks On…

They were the product i’d been waiting on for months to finish up setup (as far as the word finish can be used in any home automation project) and to be honest its been a complete anti-climax. As poor Omid will tell anyone, this was the product I couldn’t live my life without, I know I could have channelled out the walls and installed mains or 24v powered units, but for some reason i’ve lost interested in making more holes […]

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Mini-Review : Flexson Wall Mount for Play:3

I’ve loved the Sonos kit for several years now, but was starting to think perhaps the sound quality wasn’t as good as I really wanted, so have been looking for a replacement of late. Until I moved my Play 3 to a different location (perhaps stuck up close to the printer in my office wasn’t the best location). A quick wander round Curry’s of all places resulted in my finding the Flexson range of wall mounts for the Sonos units. I […]