Loxone IR Air Control

Hard to believe that this module is now 4 years old, i was one of the fools who invested in the originaly IR Module, which I have to admit caused us no end of problems

Back in 2014 when we first installed my system, we managed to blow up 2 mini-servers in day by wiring the IR Module incorrectly. 24volt accross the inputs on the mini-server really didnt go down to well, and produced a not inconsiderable amount of smoke and a very strong burning smell.

I was lucky, after a last minute rush from home to Loxone HQ, Loxone replaced tbe two mini-servers for a couple of hundred quid, so we got up and running successfully. We did however leave out the IR module from the install.

Back in December 2014 I was over the moon that a safer option was introduced, and I have to admit a little relieved that I could do the install myself without involving the electricians.

The devices work really well and are still part of our system.

I do still however have the old IR Module in my box of Loxone spares, and its always painful to see it whenever I delve into the box and think about the cost of a couple of mini-servers.

The other moral of the story is if you bugger up a module be honest with Loxone and they will, in my experience help as much as they can.

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