Internet connections and reliability

I’ve been a virgin media customer, alternating between the business and residential connections, and generally its been rock solid, of late though the cable modem connection has been incredibly unreliable, with quite a few periods of downtime.

It hadn’t really occurred to me that so many part of the house we rely on , require an internet connection, and how many things just dont work without it, for instance we use siri with loxone for simple things like “Hey Siri, microwave on”, suddenly we were back to using the phone to switch on the remote socket rather than just speaking to it, yes a real first world problem!

Another example being my Peloton bike, tread and guide which were basically paperweights, without internet working out became an issue, with massive frustration, that i’d normally take out on the bike or tread whilst working out.

To say nothing of the inconvenience of not being able to work, which is the main purpose of business connection, Virgin media were appalling in their communications about what was going on, which turned out to be a problem with replacement routers they were installing, even their website was down!

To this end I’ve ordered and since installed Starlink as a backup connection, and so far am damned impressed with it.

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