Loxone Air Valve – A Few Weeks On…

They were the product i’d been waiting on for months to finish up setup (as far as the word finish can be used in any home automation project) and to be honest its been a complete anti-climax.

As poor Omid will tell anyone, this was the product I couldn’t live my life without, I know I could have channelled out the walls and installed mains or 24v powered units, but for some reason i’ve lost interested in making more holes in the walls. Now the units have bedded in they just work.

The only real issues I’ve had have been with one unit, have been battery related. I initially bought 3 units, all came with Duracell industrial batteries. Here’s the weird thing, one valve refused to open no matter which set of batteries I used in it, I took the working batteries from the other units, and nothing, yet putting the batteries back in the units they were supplied with gave working results.

I’ve since swapped out the “dodgy” valve’s batteries with new Duracell’s and it appears to be working as intended now.

I’m not sure the estimated 2 year life of a set of batteries is all that accurate as the below picture shows:

3-4 weeks after installing the batteries, the life isn't looking great.
3-4 weeks after installing the batteries, the life isn’t looking great.

I shall keep an eye on the battery life and report back, of course the batteries supplied with the units could just be a duff batch, time will tell.

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