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IT equipment in the connected home

This week has seen me re-evaluate the amount of kit I run in our house, of late i’ve added a few bits of kit here and there, and all of a sudden our electricity usage has been steadily increasing, this time last year we were using around 20Kw a day, our average of late is 25Kw a day, we’ve added a few gadgets here and there and not noticed this increase. 5Kw doesn’t sound a lot, at just 12.5p a […]

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The New Macbook Retina Is Here!

Its here, well its not actually in my sweaty little hands and I can’t make up my mind as to whether or not to go for one.It would seem to be the perfect fit for me at the moment, after looking at my recent use of mobile kit, I feel like I’m somewhere just above the point that an iPad doesn’t do all I need, my last few weeks, i’ve spent running Outlook, Remotix (an RDP client), and Safari, and […]

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Another new camera to try.

One of my customers bought a new camera, proceeded to set it up and then forgot the password he typed in on it, so sent it to me to sort out! The device in question is a Trendnet TV-IP311P. I have to admit to being quite impressed with it, the first time you log into the onboard web server you are asked to change the password, from then on the interface is pretty standard, with the various live view and […]