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Apple Fatigue

November 13, 2018 Living With Loxone 0

Normally I love Apple products, but of late I think I am getting tired of the mediocre updates they make to products, for which they extract maximum pricing for. I upgraded from the iPhone 7 […]

Sky Q

Sky Q here we come.

November 10, 2018 Living With Loxone 0

Well its been more than 3 years since we had any form of subscription TV, we’ve used what we saved over paying the mortgage each month, but the time has come to to go back […]

Raspberry Pi & Smart Homes

June 22, 2018 Living With Loxone 1

For some time now I’ve been integrating Raspberry Pi’s with my Loxone system, for the price they are unbeatable, for less than £50 we have a full blown computer which uses minute amounts of power […]

Loxone Reseller Program

June 22, 2018 Living With Loxone 0

I’m currently a Silver Loxone Partner, but will revert to being a Registered Partner come November. I don’t write many negative posts about Loxone, as I love the technology and truly believe its one of […]

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More Apple Products!

May 25, 2018 Living With Loxone 0

Recently I’ve picked up both a pair of Apple AirPods and a HomePod, Apple’s latest and greatest audio devices. I was intrigued as to how the HomePod stacks up against my beloved Sonos devices, in […]

Timbuk2 Custom Messenger

November 24, 2017 Living With Loxone 0

I’ve been a long time fan of the Timbuk2 range of messenger bags. Timbuk2 hails from San Francisco, with both design and manufacturing being done in its Mission neighbourhood store, which I had the chance […]

Voice Control

August 1, 2017 Living With Loxone 1

I’ve had an Amazon Alexa and a few Dot’s since they were released in the UK. I was initially quite excited to get the product, but it didn’t take long for me my enthusiasm to […]

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