Spring Cleaning

Its officially spring time, and as per tradition, time to clean the house, only this time, I’ve been cleaning up digitally, we had a ton of media on our NAS drive that we were never ever going to watch, I say had, as its now gone, freeing up approcimately 250Gb of space, the good news? I now don’t need to buy any more disks to expand our storage.

I’ve also been getting frustrated with the number of options displayed on our Loxone app. As we’ve added bits and pieces of technology over the past year or so i’ve added controls for each new thing, this morning I found myself looking at several ¬†duplications of information on various pages, for instance the Intelligent Heating Controller shows the current temperature for the room, why then? was I displaying the temperature ¬†from every temperature in a room? well its sorted now I’m not.

For nearly every room in the house we can now display all the room functions on a single Iphone screen, so much easier to handle this way.


I don’t have pictures of the screens we had before, but each room is now far simpler.

I’ve also created a new Central Functions page with things like the Alarm activation, Goodnight mode, mute Sonos across the house.



My valuable lesson from this has been don’t over complicate things, Home Automation is intended to make life easier for us, not there to frustrate and annoy us.

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