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Learnt something new today!

October 30, 2014 Rob 0

Found a new function, which i also had a use for, the “multi-function switch”, after setting up a timer over-ride / boost switch for a customer on his towel rail circuit, then trying to work […]

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Unifi Wifi

October 24, 2014 Rob 0

Well the new wifi points have been installed for about a week now, and i have to say they are providing much better coverage than the single Netgear unit they replaced. One of the main […]

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Amazon Fire TV is here!!!

October 23, 2014 Rob 0

Several months ago, i received an email from Amazon asking if i’d like to purchase their new Fire TV box, i figured I couldn’t go wrong for £50, and ordered straight away, Well it arrived […]

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Poor wi-fi coverage

October 17, 2014 Rob 0

Living in a densely populated area, it seems like every time i look for a my wifi, a few more points have gone online. My trust old Netgear WND-AP350 really doesn’t seem to be able […]