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Learnt something new today!

Found a new function, which i also had a use for, the “multi-function switch”, after setting up a timer over-ride / boost switch for a customer on his towel rail circuit, then trying to work out how to set it on a timer, i eventually gave up and spoke to Omid at Loxone HQ, within seconds he had the right programming block in mind.   Giving this as a result. The first button is a timed switch, which once on, […]

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Unifi Wifi

Well the new wifi points have been installed for about a week now, and i have to say they are providing much better coverage than the single Netgear unit they replaced. One of the main benefits of the system is they come with a natty little software controller that gives you all sorts of stats, including breakdowns of which clients are attached to which access points as per: As for reliability i’ve had them in with a customer for the […]

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Amazon Fire TV is here!!!

Several months ago, i received an email from Amazon asking if i’d like to purchase their new Fire TV box, i figured I couldn’t go wrong for £50, and ordered straight away, Well it arrived today, and so far i am impressed. It certainly feels like a well made and solid box, my initial impressions are that the software is very intuitive. We have been using Apple TV’s for our set top boxes, but the selection of services they provide […]

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Poor wi-fi coverage

Living in a densely populated area, it seems like every time i look for a my wifi, a few more points have gone online. My trust old Netgear WND-AP350 really doesn’t seem to be able keep up at the moment.   I’ve been installing unifi points for my customers of late, they are reasonably priced, and look a bit nicer than most. They come with their own power over ethernet injector so you can mount them pretty much anywhere and […]