6 months since I last blogged.

Its been a while since my last post. I’ve not become any less enamoured with smart homes, but its finally dawned on me that there isn’t that much more than I can do with my house, I think I’ve automated just about everything I can for the time being.

My old complaint about voice control not supported by Loxone is long gone, as is my enthusiasm for voice assistants generally. We had a selection of devices including several Echo Dot’s and a Google Home Mini. I guess the novelty just disappeared, to be honest its easier to use a smart phone app to get the weather, or look at the watch on my wrist for the time. Being an office 365 subscriber I never managed to find anything that would tie into my calendar or email, perhaps theres something out there now, but I care not a jot for it any more.

Loxone have released a few interesting samples of which I’ve bought with the intention of testing and writing a few more posts.

We’ve done a few things in the house over the past six months, but again they are different posts I am planning to write.

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