This stuff is so cool, but oh so complicated!

For some reason we are having seriously short battery lives on the air devices such as switches and temperature sensors we’ve installed. When looking at the devices in the Loxone config application their signal strength has been listed as 1-2 bars. We’ve tried the various changing of the frequencies used, with little effect to be honest with you. After discussion with James at Loxone I decided to buy another Air extension to locate on the in the loft cabinet with the other […]


Garden Lighting Courtesy Of Loxone….

Our latest project on the house has been to make the garden usable throughout the year. The ground is incredibly boggy, due to the fact theres about 50cm’s of earth on top of solid clay. Once the heavens open up for a few days the grass has been disappearing under water. Our solution was to remove the grass altogether and gravel the garden, thus raising the height of the ground by another 6cm’s probably just enough to to hide the […]