EE 4G Service

I recently took a business trip to a client whose office is in Manchester airport, sadly for them their internet connection is probably the lowest speed I have seen recently, and its getting worse, last time I was there they had all of 1 megabit download speed, this time its closer to .75 Mbit, which we can only put down to the environment.

Back to the point of the article though, with a Virgin Media connection in the house, going from a 150mbit to 1 mbit is like going back to dial up, my EE contract gives me an additional sim card to share my data allowance with my phone (I could of course just have used the hotspot function on the iPhone).

One of the customer’s machines needed a rebuild and sod’s law ensured I didn’t have the right installer disk available. 4.3Gb of data transfer and just over an hour later i’d downloaded the correct ISO image. It killed my data allowance for the month, but the performance was impressive, i’d have been there days if i’d attempted the download via the ADSL connection.

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