Mini-Review : Flexson Wall Mount for Play:3

I’ve loved the Sonos kit for several years now, but was starting to think perhaps the sound quality wasn’t as good as I really wanted, so have been looking for a replacement of late. Until I moved my Play 3 to a different location (perhaps stuck up close to the printer in my office wasn’t the best location).

A quick wander round Curry’s of all places resulted in my finding the Flexson range of wall mounts for the Sonos units. I must admit they look like solid pieces of kit, and certainly up to holding a £2-300 Sonos unit. After a quick squizz at the Amazon webpage and a day’s wait for delivery, I now have a mount for the office Play:3 and the sound quality is back to how I remember it.

The only real problem presented now, is that I need to call on my friendly electrician to come install a higher level power socket to hide away the now dangling mains cable, I really don’t feel like putting in more conduit this time.

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