The Loxone 0-6 Bar Pressure Sensor.

Loxone 0-6 Bar Pressure Sensor

So we’ve been having some pressure loss on our heating system resulting in no hot water first thing in the morning, me I can live with it, but its a deal breaker for the wife!

Obviously the best solution now is to get the system fixed, but how do we keep an eye on the pressure in the future?

First stop was the loxone site to see what they had tested, then looked elsewhere for a cheaper version, not much luck on the cheaper front though, certainly not enough to justify an additional delivery charge, as I was also pulling the trigger on the new Air Valve, but more about that in another post.

Loxone sell two different models, a 0-.3 bar and a 0-6bar unit, I needed something in the middle, but still plumped for the 0-6 bar version. It won’t be quite as accurate, but will let us know if the system pressure drops to the point that the boiler won’t be effective.

I really need to read up on how to read electronic diagrams, stupidly I connected the 24v and ground the wrong way, then realised i’d done it when I couldn’t get a voltage reading, after a few cross words with the missus we now have a working pressure monitor!

The problem we had with the system has now been fixed, the expansion tank in the boiler had failed, we’ve now had a new external unit installed in the loft by the main tank, its massive in comparison to the one that came out of the boiler, but cost about  a third of the price of the part from the boiler manufacturer.

Oh and the house is toasty warm!

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