Excited About The Microsoft Event

Windows 10 - Exciting News!

Microsoft have an event this afternoon at 3pm UK time and I have to admit I am quite looking forward to this one. Microsofts events don’t have the pizazz of Apple events, thankfully! I’ve got tired of the whole Apple event format of an hour and a half of whooping and cheering for incremental updates of devices we already own.

In my eyes Microsoft are doing everything right these days, giving away a free upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 & 8 was a genius idea (OK so Apple got there first with OSX).

I’ve personally upgraded probably 40 to¬†50 machines from various Windows versions without an issue so far, which considering the vast number of configurations of PC that are out there in the wild is amazing.

I am even coming round to their thinking of Office 365 being the right way to move for businesses, which is something that surprises me.

What are we expecting this afternoon?

There has to be a new Windows flagship phone, rumours abound that the new Lumia’s will feature a Quad HD 2560×1440 screen, 20 megapixel camera and of course faster CPU’s . Its always surprised me that Windows phone hasn’t been more popular for businesses, lets face it the majority of large companies and even SME’s use some form of Exchange be it on-premises or in the cloud. It just doesn’t seem logical to me to that the platform hasn’t been utilised, I am still hoping Microsoft can bring out an iPhone killer.

Could there be a Surface 4 release? I’ve often wondered the point of Windows tablets but am gradually coming round to the whole one device that can do everything idea, I am getting tired of carting a Macbook Pro and iPad around, a single device looks attractive at the moment.

Xbox One is due a Dashboard update in the very near future, so many people I know are on the preview program and are beta testing the new dashboard, so its not really a new announcement as so much information has already been passed on by testers. From what i’ve seen its a lot less messy than the current one, but how many times can they change it without annoying people?

There’s also the possibility of a new format Xbox One, the current model was released almost 2 years ago, it must be time for a new shaped (possibly smaller) device. I for one would buy one if you could easily upgrade the internal hard disk, instead we are left with another external hard disk dangling off the box.

It should prove an interesting event.

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