Surface Pro 4 Release

The New Surface Pro

Its here, the new Surface Pro 4, well actually you can pre-order it tomorrow, with every iteration on this device I feel like its worth buying one, and never quite make it as far as the store, well this time I am very tempted, only reservation is Microsoft have also released the Surface Book at the same time, Bah!

Well the new Surface Pro only looks good not awesome.

Whats looking better than the version 3 of this product? New processors, slimmer design, more RAM and disk, 30% more screen resolution (3072×1600 as opposed to 2160×1440), and it loses 20grams in weight. The new base CPU is a Core I5 with options for an I7, memory configuration on the base unit is 4Gb which can now be upgraded to 16Gb, potential disk storage has increased with options up to 1Tb, with a micro-SD slot the extra for a 1Tb SSD might not be such a great purchase.

The existing type cover for the Surface Pro 3 will work with the 4, but there’s also a new keyboard being released as well in a variety of colours, and has a larger glass-topped trackpad.

This time round Microsoft are also throwing in a free Stylus, which was an additional cost for the Pro 3.

Unfortunately only the US models will feature a fingerprint reader on launch, Microsoft haven’t mentioned if it will be available on international models yet.

Microsoft really seem to be going for Apple’s IPad market with this product, and of course going for the Jugular with new Surface Book, but more on that in another article.

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