New Camera.

I’ve installed a new Foscam camera this weekend, its considerably better quality video and the lens is a far wider angle than the one we’ve been using for the last 12 months.

The biggest issue I’ve so far come up against is the new interface which doesn’t seem to play nicely with the Loxone door controller. This one has either a java or Active-X plug-in which means it’ll never work. It does however support video feeds to VLC which I am hoping to be able to call from the Loxone interface, I feel a support call to Loxone coming on.

Talking of the door controller, the previous information I found on the Loxone knowledgebase which covered the Foscam range of camera’s has been removed, and can only be found on the Spanish site for some reason. I replaced the old Foscam with a new one, as the camera stopped working with the Loxone door controller, but it would appear that they are no longer compatible, any attempt to put in the old URL for accessing video produces just an ip address / domain name without the rest of the path required for the video to work. I can’t remember which version of the mini-server firmware changed this.

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