The New Macbook is here!

Yay for another new apple release.

My initial thoughts were Wow that looks awesome, i’m having one!

After a few days to read the reviews, and think logically about it, its not a machine i’ll be buying into.

Firstly it comes in gold! a little less Pimp for me please?

The idea of a single port amazes me, but in the usual Apple style, the adaptors are over priced just for a change! here’s this thing of beauty which is great if all you want to do is browse the web wirelessly, anything as simple as connecting an ethernet requires a USB C dongle then another USB ethernet adaptor hanging off that.

The processor, either a 1.1 or 1.2Ghz cpu, hardly cutting edge is it? although it uses very little power, I find my Retina Macbook Pro stutters every now and again.

The screen sounds awesome, but i worry the resolution i’d want to run at on a 12′ screen would be too small to be usable.

A whole new keyboard. Well the ones i’ve had on the last few macbook’s i’ve owned have been pretty darned good. Why improve something that doesn’t need improving.

Oh yes I forgot, this is the best macbook ever, better than the last best macbook which was better than the last best macbook!

One thing is for sure, i’ll drop by the local Apple store to drool over its sleek and beautiful lines, and amazing engineering, on my way to the Dell store to purchase the new XPS 13!

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