The Mac Pro – 3 Months On….

Well i’ve had the Mac Pro almost 3 months now, and here are my thoughts.

Its awesomely quick! Although its nowhere near the top of the range the model I have is probably the fastest machine I’ve ever used, startup times, running apps, everything is lighting quick. I’ve only core the 6 core Xeon CPU, but coupled with a 1Tb SSD and 32Gb of ram, its handled everything i’ve thrown at it.

I’ve yet to see the CPU utilisation go above 30%, even when ripping Blu-rays using the machine.

Its great but its not perfect:

My biggest issue with the machine is the amount of dust and fluff it seems to suck in, I end up blowing some canned air round the bottom of it most mornings, I guess thats due to the heat the thing generates, I actually think it runs hot enough to keep the room reasonably warm! or that could the 3 27″ Apple monitors connected to it.

A side issue i seem to be encountering is with the 3 displays attached, occasionally i’ll lose a screen due to a blackout for maybe a second or, it’s always come back up, but is slightly disconcerting, I am starting to think combining 2 Thunderbolt screens and a Displayport one is not a good combination. I think I need to look at which bus is which on the back of the machine and sort out which port is the best one to use for the displayport monitor.

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