The Ipad Pro

I watched the release of the IPad pro back in September last year, and couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want a device that size, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade, as essentially its just a big IPad, isn’t it?

Over the years i’ve tried various IPad keyboards and never been impressed, from no-name devices through to Logitech ones, they have always¬†seemed very obvious they were just add-on’s, not something that just worked or fit with the whole Apple “it just works” mantra.

I took the plunge and ordered a¬†12.9″ Pro, and on the whole I am really impressed with it. My first thoughts out of the box was god damn it, this this is heavy, there’s no way i’d want to use it like my IPad Air, and to be fair, its more than a handful. I did think i’d regret the purchase, until I connected the keyboard, although expensive it is a worthy add-on to the device, making it feel more like a laptop than a tablet.

I’m often told by people that they don’t need a desktop or laptop (and Apple would have you believe they are no longer necessary) any more, I can’t say I believed them, but the last few months have changed my mind immensely, I thought i’d see if I could live without the laptop.

Although i’ve not dumped the laptop yet, its made it out of my bag very little the last 3 or 4 weeks, for the majority of work I do the Pro has been adequate to do the job, though i think things take a little longer to do, main requirements.

I also picked up the Apple Pencil for no other reason than that it looked cool, and it was for the first few weeks, but after a while it feels like a gimmick, this could be the use i put it to though, which was not a lot, more just for showing off.

The Pro’s:

  • Great Keyboard
  • Much improved sound quality
  • Faster (than the IPad Air its just replaced)
  • USB 3 lightning port

The Con’s:

  • The cost of the device itself
  • The cost of the accessories


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