Finally a reason to switch to the new Loxone App!

As some of you may have guessed i’ve not been a fan of the new app for IOS and Android, i’ve always found it a little meh??

Today my opinion has changed immensely. Of course it has something to do with the metering and the solar PV install we’ve recently had completed.

I sat around for a couple of hours trying to work out how to calculate what how much of the power we’re exporting or using, as normal I called Loxone and tech support already have a function block to do just that! (At times I miss the fact there is no paper manual to print off).

Anyway the function block in question, is the production counter, and heres the code we’re using:

Solar PV Monitoring


The output from the old app gives all the information you would want, but the new app looks so much better.

Side by side, the old and new overview view of import / export split of power. The old is static, and the new has animation, showing which way the power is going, the new screen is far more aesthetically pleasing.

And once again the overview page, which again looks a lot more pleasing than the old version, both present the same information, my only other job now is to change the € sign to a £ sign, then the jobs a good one.


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