Cool feature of the Enlighten website

After being promised some features that didn’t appear to be working on the enlighten website, I decided the time was right to call Enphase and enquire why. After a 10 minute discussion it transpires the basic consumer version of the website doesn’t actually include all the interesting  features.

I called the installers and asked why i’d not been given the “full” version, and 10 minutes later i’d been upgraded to the full version at a cost of apparently $290 but they’d do it for free for me! How can something be free when i’ve already been promised / paid for it?

After reading up this is a common complaint, and a lot of the time the reason for holding it back is that some customers take the information a little too literally and complain that the system isn’t working the way it should

The most interesting i’ve found so far is the ability to display a video of how much power each panel generates over the course of the day. Here’s a quick demo of todays production which topped out at just over 13Khw.

Enlighten today....

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