Windows 10 & Fusion

My main machine is a Macbook Pro, running Windows under Fusion 7 Pro, my only real use for windows on the mac is to run Loxone config, which sadly there isn’t a mac version of.

I’ve just upgraded the virtual machine to Windows 10, and was disappointed to find by default that the vmware video driver seems to be incompatible with Windows 10 when upgrading.

The main feature I use is the ability to resize the Fusion window and the desktop resizes.

Not one to give up easily I’ve now found a solution, before upgrading to Windows 10, uninstall the VMware tools from the machine, and voila no incompatibilities on install (at least thats what i’ve found so far). When the upgrade finishes re-install the VMware tools and the resize window feature begins working again.

I still plan to do a Windows 10 review, once i’ve used it a little more, and i’d like to delve into the “calling back” windows 10 does to Microsoft, I honestly think its too early in the day to make comments on those potential security concerns. My initial thoughts on the matter tend to agree with Paul Thurrott’s thoughts which you can read at

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