Home Automation And My House Audio

After finally getting my heating up and running with the Loxone, the time has now come to look at the audio setup in the house and see what we can do, my main amplifier is a Sony STRDN-1040, which can be controlled via either IR or a smartphone app.

I don’t particularly like the application, and would like to get the loxone controlling the basic functions such as volume, and input selection, I can see this being an uphill struggle, as I am not the most accomplished Wireshark user.
STRDN1040Sony’s technical support have been no help so far, recommending I use the iPhone / iPad app, so if anyone’s managed it, please give me some hints.

Once I’ve got the amplifier working, the next project will be TV (another Sony product), and apparently there’s no ethernet commands available to power on the TV.


  1. Hi
    Did you manage to get some communication between the loxone miniserver and your sony amp?
    I am currently building a loxone heating control, hvac and firealarm. after this it, i will try to integrate as much as posible, but i think im going to struggle with the same thing as you. i have a sony str-dn1060, its connected to wifi and controled from the same app. but on our windows 10 computers, the amp shows up as a possibility to play music to, it should be posible!

    • I’ve now cheated and installed an HDMI matrix from the good folks at HDanywhere and the IR control is handled via that.

      I spent ages trying to work out how to send commands and eventually gave up and reverted to HDMI control. I’ve since installed the Matrix and am using that for control.

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