Why would I want a smart home?

Well here’s a couple of reasons

  1. Utility bills : There’s only one way that utility bills are going and thats up! most systems are capable of  monitoring power consumption, occupancy and processing that information, for instance you leave a light on in the house and go out for a few hours unexpectedly, once the house senses you’ve left it can turn the light off, then on your return turn the light back on for you. With Solar panels, you could configure the system to run devices such as dishwasher’s when enough power is being generated.
  2. Control of your home : With monitoring of temperature, power usage, humidity, light levels and other variables in the house, you or the Home Automation Controller can make the house  more comfortable for you, either heating or cooling wherever you are in the house dependant on outside temperature, turning lights on or off depending on light levels or time.
  3. Multi use sensors : You might want an alarm and lighting to be controlled via PIR sensors, in a traditional home you’d have a set of PIR’s for the alarms, and another set for the lighting, with a home automation system, the sensors can be used for multiple functions.
  4. Protection against disasters : If you have a water leak, or fire in the house , and you’re not in the house, they aren’t much use, with a smart home, your home will tell you when there’s a problem, hopefully preventing further damage.
  5. It’s cool? : Lets face it, sad as it sounds its cool to be able to control things with your phone or tablet! its even more convenient to be able to turn a light on, or the heating up from your sofa!



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