HDMI Extenders. Grrrrr….

One of my pet hates in life is seeing boxes under TV’s, they always look so untidy. Unfortunately my efforts to use the Xbox One have been pretty poor of late.

My Xbox is in the spare room, and the xbox inhabits the wardrobe, i’ve tried a number of devices from cheap to expensive, and its defintely yet again a case of spending the right money to get the right kit.

I started out using an HD Anywhere Extend 2k (I am a cheap-skate and don’t have either a 4k TV or an Xbox capable of running 4k), running over a 15 metre flat CAT 7 cable. It seemed to work fine for a few weeks, then the picture and sound would drop out, i tried various settings on the dip switches, none made much difference, tried different cables with exactly the same results, tried a Blu-ray with the HD Anywhere and everything worked great.

I decided to try a few of the budget extenders from Amazon, they all worked, but i always felt there was a little lag on the display, maybe only a couple of ms, but enough to make this old gamer’s performance even worse.

The Extend 2k is a neat little device and uses POE so you only need one end plugged in to the mains, all of the cheaper devices have 2 PSU’s one at each end, causing more cable mess!

I’ve finally decided to go all out and buy a Pulse 8 Neo Lite, now this device is more than 3 times the cost of the cheaper units at around £160, but and here’s the biggie, it works!

Spent a couple of hours on the Xbox this afternoon and confirm no apparent lag, no dip-switches to play with, it just works! mission successful.

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