Sky Q here we come.

Well its been more than 3 years since we had any form of subscription TV, we’ve used what we saved over paying the mortgage each month, but the time has come to to go back to Sky.

Our primary reason for giving up Sky was our monthly subscription was hovering around the £80 per month, which I thought was a little too mucb.

Many of my customers have been singing the praises of Sky Q, so we took a look and managed to get a reasonable deal, with a bit of everything,4k, hd, and boxsets which also includes Netflix.

Sky are just as canny with their subscription bundling as they always were, their up-sell is clever, bundling the UHD and multi-room subscription is a no brainer especially as we got a free Sky Q mini.

Its two weeks until they can do the installation for us, but the best bit, they give you access to Sky Go, with it would appear all Sky Channels accessible, although we’ve not taken out a Movies or Sports sub, we have access to all those channels on our devices, ipads, iphones and mac’s (well 4 devices anyway).

My only worry at the moment is that i’ve heard the Q boxes run pretty warm, and i’m planning on putting it in the Network / Media cabinet, perhaps i’ll have to look at some ventilation for the rack.

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