Loxone Reseller Program

I’m currently a Silver Loxone Partner, but will revert to being a Registered Partner come November.

I don’t write many negative posts about Loxone, as I love the technology and truly believe its one of the best most capable solutions out there,  but I do think they have a small problem with the program.

Partner status relies on a defined spend each year, not a competency earned from an exam.

Of late, yearly training is required, which is a step in the right direction.

Aside from a little more discount and a one line listing on the website,  the most important thing for myself is that there is no place in the program for me to prove competency.

After 25 years in the technology market I’ve taken dozens of exams that tested and proved that I could use the products they were based on competently, merely attending a course doesn’t show competency.


I think it would make sense for Loxone to create a qualification to prove competency to customers.

Just because a partner can hit a certain sales target doesn’t mean the job they will do is of great quality as I’ve seen from some of the consultancy only work I’ve taken on over the past couple of years.





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