IOT & Smart Home Frustrations….

This month i’ve broken my “Only buy devices which have the ability to talk to the mini-server” again.

The first time I bought the Netatmo weather station, which I fell in love with predominantly because of its “Apple-like” looks, it looks like it should (and is) be on sale in an Apple store. It has a great portal that shows me historical weather data since I installed it, but… and heres the kicker, I can’t do anything with the data live, I can of course download the data in CSV format.

My second infraction is the NEST Home Protect, a smoke and CO detector. The web interface gives me the weather locally, and tells me if our CO levels are safe, but not a lot more. I can only get information from either their website or the app on the phone.

Its a small thing but i’ve gotten used to being able to interogate the mini-server whenever I want and the system making decisions for me and all from one app! Perhaps I am just asking too much?

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  1. Don’t think you are asking for too much. Unfortunately most devices out there are made by very narrow minded manufacturers. They simply don’t seem to be able to look beyond their own product and the value of integration with whole home solutions like the Miniserver…

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