The New Macbook Retina Is Here!

Its here, well its not actually in my sweaty little hands and I can’t make up my mind as to whether or not to go for one.The New Macbook!It would seem to be the perfect fit for me at the moment, after looking at my recent use of mobile kit, I feel like I’m somewhere just above the point that an iPad doesn’t do all I need, my last few weeks, i’ve spent running Outlook, Remotix (an RDP client), and Safari, and Day One a journalling application.

Hardly what you’d call power use, is it?

With my current 15″ Retina in the hands of an Apple repair shop I’d almost convinced myself that this new macbook was the ideal machine for me, but… I still can’t bring myself to spunk £1600 on one.

I got as far as calling Apple and having a chat with a lovely Italian chap called Marco, he didn’t really know much about the product which i thought quite odd, more odd was being a business sale, he knew very little about Apple’s leasing deals (I say deals they really aren’t deals).

What stopped me buying it though? the confusion over USB-C if the truth be known, why Apple can’t just include the parts that make the machine usable is beyond me, how can Apple justify best part of £70 to give you a single USB slot and an HDMI socket?

Like I say, its not the low powered CPU putting me off, the 8Gb of Ram and the SSD will give the machine a good burst of speed, i think this is pretty much the machine the average person could use, i’ve seen a lot of comparisons with netbooks, and people moaning that the performance is only that of a 2011 Macbook Air, but for the average person who does a little email, web browsing and plays with the odd photo what more are they really going to need?



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