Music Libraries.

I’ve been trying to get a workable music library of late, I’ve tried a number of ways, but have now settled on using iTunes match to keep the whole library, at 20,000 tracks i only have room for another 5000, i do wonder what apple was thinking when they set this limit.

iTunes match works for all my apple devices, but the problem i have is that its no good to Sonos players, so I am left with syncing the iTunes library files to a share on a windows server machine. Its not exactly ideal, as it doesn’t include the playlists I’ve created under iTunes, so i have to recreate them again from the Sonos app.

I’ve recently renewed my subscription to the The Times Online, and got a years free Spotify Premium account which i am in the process of setting up, somehow its managed to get my iTunes playlists when it installed itself, and being the premium account i can use it with the Sonos.

I’ve also setup both the Google Music and Amazon music library on the Sonos, so now we’re overwhelmed with music libraries.

I’m intending to review of each service once I’ve had a decent chance to test them out in the near future.

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