Well after an hour and 45 minute call we are still no further!

I Love Loxone tech support, they are pretty top notch, even if we can’t fix my issues with the remote controls. For some reason my remote eyes are reading the wrong information every time┬áthe buttons are being read in, we’ve tried all sorts this afternoon with no luck.

One noteworthy point though, when uploading a new config to the mini-server, remember that the mac is connected via a Loxone Air Remote socket. Especially noteworthy when you are on the phone to tech support, and the call is via a Ringcentral Voip call!

I also forgot to turn on the remote switches for the 2 fridge freezers, which could have been interesting in the morning, luckily the wife wanted a cup of tea when she got home from work, so when we got the milk out and the light in the fridge didn’t come on I had a light bulb moment!

No real harm done, but another valuable lesson learnt.

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