How fast does a home internet connection need to be?

I’ve not checked up on the speed my virgin broadband runs at for a while, it certainly doesn’t seem all that fast at the moment, but heres the result from this morning.

160meg speedtest


I do blindly accept the upgrades that Virgin Media release, but am currently wondering how many other people have the same service purely because the its the fastest they can get, and fast is great isn’t it?

I feel relatively happy i’m making use of the speed, last month i transferred just over 750Gb of data, and during December about 600Gb, truly frightening to think that 13+ years ago I was over the moon at getting a .5Mbit service when NTL released their first cable modems, strange to think that this in theory is 320 times faster!

Yet i still want more…. much more upload speed would be far more use than just upping the headline download figure, whilst download speed has increased vast amounts, the upload speed from Virgin is a pretty paltry 10mbit.