A couple of months with the Amazon Fire TV

Back in October we got our first Amazon Fire TV, when it first arrived i was a bit meh??

Three months on, and its pretty much replaced the Apple TV we were using in the lounge, being an Amazon Prime subscriber we get the amazon video service (Previously LoveFilm) and Netflix, its nice having one box that can finally use either service.

The other nice thing is the number of apps for the box, there doesn’t appear to be as many as on the Roku, but for me the Plex client is the one of choice. Sadly Apple TV doesn’t have a Plex client without some hacking around on the box which i’m not prepared to muck about with.

The other nice feature of the Fire TV is the remote control, its not infra-red which means i don’t have to program in more remote controls on the Loxone kit, its also a nice size and feels very good quality.

I’ve also picked up a US version of the Fire TV stick for the bedroom, but am having some region related issues at the moment. More on that one in a future post.