2017 Whats Coming?

After the hustle and bustle of CES I’ve come back and decided to start thinking about what next. I’ve demo’ed the house to several customers and generally got positive feedback.

Looking back at some of my Loxone projects I am starting to realise that there is no wow factor involved, yes the old clichéd lights controlled from the phone is interesting, but its old hat now, and to be honest isn’t what a smart home is about.

What does 2017 look to bring? well for starter’s I’ve been on the HD Anywhere installers training, and very impressed I am with the kit, one of those definitely.

I’ve been thinking about a bigger TV for the lounge as well, but find every big TV I look at is 4k. I don’t have any 4k content at the moment, and I don’t think i’ll be investing in 4k content either for next couple of years. I work with a company who supply projectors and  have decided the best way to get a bigger screen is to go down the projector route.

From a budget point of view, at the moment, a 1080p projector can be had for around £400 and a reasonable 100″ motorised screen around the same sort of money. Obviously where the cost will come in is a little bit of wiring, and some remedial works in the lounge to install the projector. Will post the usual shots as it happens.

I’d also like to look at installing some electric blinds this year, its something I’ve always wondered what the purpose is, now I am thinking from a security and convenience point of view. I’ve been talking to Controlis Blinds who seem to offer a wide range of product and have been very forthcoming about how to integrate their products with Smart Home systems.

Well that about wraps it up for this post. I guess reviews to follow.

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