The Iphone 7 – Its here!

Once again a new generation of Iphone has been released, mine was delivered on release day, probably more through luck than judgement, as I went for my usual boring Silver / White combo, I still have friends waiting on their Jet Black devices to be delivered.

Personally I am starting to find the Apple announcements even duller than the previous ones, Apple really don’t seem to be innovating much these days. I’m also starting to wonder what they or any phone manufacturer could do to add more functionality to devices, and coming up blank.

So what were we promised?

Better battery life – yup the phone definitely lasts a little longer than the 6s I just got rid of.

better camera : 12mp this time – I’ve not noticed any difference in the photo quality as yet.

Doubling of memory capacity – well 256meg is a lot of space on a smart phone, I now have my entire music library being carried around with me, which is nice.

Waterproofing, well I cant confirm or deny this one and i’m not prepared to test it with a device that costs this much!

Oh and the killer feature : A new colour : Jet Black!!!! I don’t know about anyone else (and perhaps i’m in the minority here) but the first thing I do when I get a new phone is buy a new case for it! thus hiding the beautiful jet black finish.

What was commendable was the removal of the 16gb version of the phone, about bloody time too. Why Apple have been so cheap about storage size is beyond me, with their buying power the difference in cost would have been pennies, still at least that ones fixed for now with the 32Gb base model.

One thing of note, I have the 6s battery pack, you know the official ugly Apple one that doubles the battery life and then some. I thought i’d hit the jackpot when the 7 fitted perfectly in the case, it was only 24 hours later I noticed the camera lens was partially obscured, bugger that means another purchase on the horizon.

In my opinion the whole iphone 7 release has been one of the least interesting releases to date. When people ask me whats better about the new iphone, well my response is typically Spinal Tap, quoting that its “One better” I honestly can’t think of anything that I consider makes it a worthwhile upgrade.



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