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Nest Protect (230v)

Its been a while since we fitted our first NEST device, I’ve never been a fan of anything Google does, in my opinion they never finish products and then seem to pull all the ones i’ve ever liked the look of! Anyway our existing smoke alarm started to have some problems, if it went off the only way to turn it off was to flick the breaker to cut the power. I’m always a little a little wary of touching […]

Home Automation

Loxone Config 8.3!!!

Another new update to the Loxone Config software today, all of my devices popped up notifications that there was an updated firmware this morning, so what did we get? Well no more adding battery capacity information to the front-end, theres now a dedicated menu option to check the battery status, which can be sorted according to  status. Theres a ton of new features in Loxone Config itself, the best i’ve found so far is when you press F5 to add […]

Home Automation

Zipato Zipatile

CES 2017 was a bit of a let down for me to be honest with you, I saw very little that I found particularly interesting, just been browsing a few sites, and saw the Zipatile, remembered it was one of the things i’d seen at CES. Their booth was incredibly busy so I grabbed a flyer. Its very much an IOT type device rather than a fully wired system such as the Loxone, but I think it might actually have […]


Alternatives to Sonos : Multi Room Audio

With the recent price rises for Sonos kit, I thought i’d take a quick look at the alternatives out there, I’ve always thought of the Loxone music server as expensive, but with hindsight if I was starting from scratch I have to admit its quite cost effective.  Over the years I’ve spent more than a couple of grand on Sonos devices, and countless money on other solutions which didnt live up to the manufacturers promises, my worst purchase was multiple Apple […]


Sonos Issues

We’ve used Sonos around the house for 6 or 7 years now, and until this week had no issues to speak of. All that changed this week when one of my direct neighbours moved ISP and received a new router. Unfortunately it also co-incided with me getting some new demo network kit. The problem began with small breaks in audio playback, then longer breaks, then playing 30 seconds and stopping. To me it seemed like there was a looped network […]

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2017 Whats Coming?

After the hustle and bustle of CES I’ve come back and decided to start thinking about what next. I’ve demo’ed the house to several customers and generally got positive feedback. Looking back at some of my Loxone projects I am starting to realise that there is no wow factor involved, yes the old clich├ęd lights controlled from the phone is interesting, but its old hat now, and to be honest isn’t what a smart home is about. What does 2017 […]

Network Attached Storage

CES 2017 : Synology

I’ve always had a certain fondness for Synology, I truly believe that they have the best NAS devices on the market currently, this year they’ve also released a router with the same interface.  I was looking forward to seeing the new 12 disk DS3617xs, it looks to be an awesome NAS, xeon CPU, 16gb RAM PCIe slot for 10Gbit networking, not really a consumer unit, but oh do I want one!


CES 2017 : E-3Lue E-Sport Stadium

A quite impressive e-sport environment on display, Heck i didn’t even know that e-sports was a thing! Apparently they make awesome custom kit for gamers. I have to admit the Office / Gaming chairs are great, really comfortable. and solid. Cost is around $500 which sounds like a lot for a chair.

Home Automation

CES 2017 : Day Two : The Litter Robot

Possibly the coolest thing I saw at CES this year was the Litter Robot, an ingenious automatic cleaning cat litter box. Its billed as the last cat litter box you’ll ever buy, personally if I spent $500 on a cat litter tray it would be the last time I ever spent money if my wife found out!! Mind you with such features as: Spacious litter chamber great for cats big and small (5 lbs. and up) Self-cleans after each use Reduces […]