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Are we over-insulating our homes?

Of late we’ve been encouraged to insulate our homes to make them more efficient, but does it actually do our health any good? We’ve got both loft and cavity wall insulation, and of course double glazing, together they make for a very dry house, much to my wife’s chagrin, we always seem to have a dusty house, clean one day and its back the next. So what do we do? As I see it, there are two alternatives, we don’t […]

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Mini Review : Anker 4 port USB 3 Hub

      After spending some time looking for a USB hub, I found the this Anker device, reasonably priced at just £13, and available in a selection of metal colours, to match your hardware. The packaging is suitably minimal, as is the device. There is a version with 7 ports which requires a power adaptor, or a second USB cable to provide power, but for my uses the unpowered version is fine, transfer speeds are certainly as quick as […]