Mini Review : Tryten Mac Mini Security Mount

After modifying my treadmill to make it a walking desk recently, it became apparent quite quickly that I needed somewhere to hold the mac mini I’ll be working on.

I tried balancing the mac on the back of the treadmill but it bounced around a little too much for my comfort.

After browsing Amazon where I assumed i’d find cheap products, all I came up with were mounts imported from the US with appropriately high prices.

I like to buy UK sourced items, and googling came up with the Tryten product, not especially cheap, but well made, and looks nice.

Mac Mini Security Mount



There’s not really a lot to say about the product, apart from it matches the colour of the mac well, and has plenty of attachment points, oh and it comes with a small lock to prevent removal, though i’ve not used it.

Hmm Cable Management

Now I just need to work on cable management!

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