Miniserver Go – The Wireless Smart Home Solution

With the Miniserver Go, professional wireless home automation is finally a possibility. Any home can become a smart home with Loxone – find out more today.

Source: Miniserver Go – The Wireless Smart Home Solution | Loxone

Initially when I heard the news of the Mini-server Go I was less than excited, especially as I was expecting wireless TRV’s, as the months have gone on though I’ve been generally impressed with the concept, which along with the release of a good number of Loxone Air devices, looks like making the whole retro-fit concept for Home Automation a reality.

Slightly less impressive is that there are no plans to make the Loxone equipment “HomeKit” compatible, it just doesn’t have enough horsepower to provide the levels of security that Apple are requiring apparently. Already I have potential customers who’ve seen information on Apple’s website asking if there’s any chance, and I’m unsure what to tell them.

After talking with Omid at Loxone it would appear there are no plans to implement it that he knows of.

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