Loxone Config released.

Fixed Known Issues:

  • Fix: unnamed input fields in room and category dialog
  • Fix: automatic alarm acknowledgement bug
  • Fix: Loxone Modbus Energy Meter 1-phase – datatype for sensor “Power” corrected
  • Fix: Multiple Memory Object placements when selecting only one


Further bugfixes:

  • Fix: frequency change with battery devices
  • Fix: Energy manager function block allows for priority activation of devices with priority
  • Fix: Intercom “saving picture when absent” timeout increased
  • Improved Modbus TCP support for slow Modbus devices
  • Fix: Client Gateway could not be established in some cases
  • Fix: Zoom in Webinterface corrected

Update now running on my mini-server, here goes for another hour or so of updating. Am guessing there won’t be much of a change in real usage.

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